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The B2B product and services are difficult and it can’t be possible to capture it on a landing page. This is said by the one who is already experienced. You are almost in business for a long period of time in the sales cycle, multiple different decision-makers and giving way and a good trick to explain without info-dumping all over the page.

It is great that B2B landing pages do exist and this also is one of the most successful examples of looking pretty and also setting important principles, engaging and creating experience which is easy and gives you a hint of the problem and how to solve it. In this article we will guide you and tell you about 5 best examples of brilliant B2B landing pages so read this post till the end.

1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a good example of a landing page.

It is the best practice to lock: Resolve the issue for your visitors for whom you care about the most.

If anybody hits and goes through to your landing page, you have 15 seconds in your hand to see their activity and tell you that they are in the right way. This is the right way in the B2B world and this idea will be the thing to solve specific business issues. Just take help from this ActiveCampaign. They are not peak viewers who are looking for any old email marketing platform. They only target those who care deeply about personalisation and dissolution.

2. Shopify

This is the example of the landing page from Shopify Click to see all thing.Best idea to practise to lock: Firstly make the beginning step which is easy and possible.

When condition of B2B is on leads, then it can be appealing to ask them questions about your sales team that could likely want to know about.For example your name, questions which are related to you and your company.

It is a big example from Shopify and it also proves that less information is more than to reveal the identity. Either it scares people away with a huge form of questions on the landing page or they make it as easy as simple to begin with a free trial. In this section you need to enter your email address.

3. B2B Quotes

Landing page example from B2B Quotes. Hit the button to see whole thing:
Best practice to lock: Get as normal as possible with your CTA.

There are various B2B landing pages which have the same CTA buttons. This option is not as always.

This is the example from B2B quotes which shows and guides you to get more specific with your CRA to influence more to convert. There are some rules top visitors have to fill in a form and about their personal information about what they are searching for. Then finish with a button that says drumroll Get three Quotes Now.

It is simple as well as powerful by being specific about the number of quotes and the page sets expectations so perfectly. The other way which is very common for CTA on B2B landing pages the viewers would not have much knowledge of what they get when they hit the button. If the viewers don’t have an idea about what is the next stage they will get then they have less reason to follow through.

4. MediaValet

Landing page example from B2B Quotes. Hit to see the whole thing.

Best practice to lock: Follow all the three rules of layouts and benefits.

These three rules are one of the most successful things for recalling content. It uses ads and beyond and the Media Valet landing page is no exception.

This method is clear and easy to consume shape and also gives key to the landing pages’s successful layout. It also tells about the product, backs up their claims with stats and provides easy claims with stats and provides an easy way to request a demo. This is the easiest way where visitors can get attracted and get to know much about content on the landing page. So it is an advantage that they are able to buy of their own choice.

5. Thinkific

Landing page example from B2B Quotes. Hit to see the whole thing.

Best practice to lock: Show viewers what results they can assume.

It is an awesome landing page from Thinkific. This tool on the page comes with two fields where you can adjust or set how much you will charge for a pet online and how many candidates you assess you will get. It is a good way to help viewers visualise their future success with the platform.

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